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LOL Full Form - Laughing out loud

 Laughing Out Loud

Laughing Out Loud

  • LOL is an acronym stands for Laughing out loud. It’s a really common internet slang used in chatting on internet.
  • It’s used when someone find something very funny or extremely amusing.
  • There are some other alternative of this slang like ROFL, LMAO etc. used according to the intensity of the laughter.
  • The list of these acronyms is growing day by day as the new abbreviations are added.
  • There are also some smiley’s used to response the funny situations over the internet.
  • LOL was first included in Oxford dictionary in March, 2011.

Where to use LOL

  • LOL is used in conversation over the internet.
  • It’s generally used in social networking site. At the time of chatting, when an individual find something funny then he use LOL to point out that he's laughing very loudly.
  • Emotions and Smiley’s also are used to indicate the situation of laughter.

For Example : Assume, two persons are chatting on internet.

First Person: Hi.
Second Person: Hi..
First Person: I just got slapped from the girl, I met yesterday.
Second Person: LOL

LOL Full Form - Lord of light (science fiction)

  • Full-Form of LOL refers to Lord of light. It’s a novel by the American Author Roger Zelazny on science fiction/fantasy, which won the Hugo Award of Best Novel in 1968.
  • It had been also nominated for the ‘Nebula Award’, which is of an equivalent category.
  • In 1967, The Magazine of Fantasy and science fiction published two chapters from Lord of light as novelettes (a short novel).
  • The novel was intended to be a fictional fantasy on science with a particular degree of ambiguity.
  • The plot is a few planet, which taken over by few remnants of Earth or ‘vanished Urath’.
  • The colonists and crew from the spaceship ‘Star of India’, find themselves in a very strange planet, which is surrounded by indigenous hostile races.

Full Form of LOL - Legend of Legaia (video game)

  • LOL Full Form stands for Legend of Legaia. It was in 1998, Contrail created the game of Legend of Legaia, which was succeeded by a sequel video game in 2001.
  • Contrail was the japanese video game developer for Sony Computer Entertainment.
  • The entire game takes place within the ‘Legaia’ world, which is populated by objects called ‘Seru’ and humans.
  • The objects join humans to make them extra powerful. Both Seru and humans coexist until Seru turns into a monster due to the consequences of a mist that covers the world. Seru attacks humans, which is when the game begins.
  • Vahn - the quiet hero; Gala - a warrior monk; and Noa - a feral child; revive 10 Genesis Tress, through Legaia and attempt to destroy the mist that surrounds the world.

LOL Full Form - Locks of love (NGO)

  • Full-Form of LOL refers to Locks of love. It’s a non-profit, public organization in Canada and the United States, which provides hairpieces to the financially disadvantaged kids under the age of 21, who suffer from hair loss due to any quite medical or physical condition.
  • Locks of love serves children with such unique need through donating used hair and creates high-quality cranial prosthesis or hair prosthetics.
  • The kids who are benefited through LOL had a kind of medical condition which is named ‘alopecia areata’, which does not have any obvious cause neither it's any cure yet.
  • The hair prosthesis process has been helping many children regain their confidence and self-esteem to face their little worlds with peers. The organization has certain donation guidelines to be met so as to donate hair.
  • There are even a few salons that carry Locks of love decal at their doors and windows and form a part of the national chain.

Note : LOL just should be used in casual talks and the conversation over the web. It should not be used in formal conversation.

Popular full forms of LOL

LOL full form Field of Application
Laugh out Loud Internet Slang
Laughing Out Loud Internet Slang
Lord of Lords Religion
Light Of Love Religion
Lots Of Love Religion
Lessen Our Lust Religion
Lord Of Life Church Religion
Lucifer Our Lord Religion
Living Our Lives Religion
Large Obese Lobster Food
Lemon Or Lime Food
Loss of Line Telephone
Love Of Life Internet Slang
Little Old Ladies Internet Slang
Lots Of Laughs Internet Slang
Lots Of Luck Internet Slang
Looking On-Line Internet Slang
Love Outdated Laws Internet Slang
Love Of Lardbutts Funny Expansion
Loads Of Laundry Funny Expansion
Lame Old Loser Funny Expansion
Lil Ole Lady Funny Expansion
Lightning Over Love Funny Expansion
Lunatic On the Loose Funny Expansion
League of Legends Video Game
Legend of Legaia Video Game

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