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AMW Full Form - Asia Motor Works Limited

 Asia  Motor Works Limited

Asia Motor Works Limited

  • AMW stands for Asia Motor Works Limited (AMW Motors Ltd.). It's a number one HCV manufacturer of India offering transport solutions for India's fast-growing economy.
  • It manufactures a good range of products for heavy-duty applications in mining, construction, power, highways, cargo transportation etc. AMW was established in 2006.
  • It's headquartered at Mumbai, Maharashtra. The founder and CEO of AMW is Mr. Anirudh Bhuwalka.
  • AMW is certified to TS16949 by TUV. Its manufacturing facility located in Bhuj, Gujrat is cover 2 million sq. Meters.
  • It produces a large of vehicles for various civilian and defence applications. Its state-of-art manufacturing also includes axles, assembly, drivelines, frame shop, test center and cab painting facilities.
  • The AMW's vehicles are exported to the SAARC nations including Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh.


  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Tippers
  • Long Haul/Tractors
  • Special Trucks
 Asia Motor Works Limited Products

Asia Motor Works Limited Products

Heavy-duty trucks

  • 2516 HL cowl - To hold a variety of long-distance cargo
  • 2518 HL cab - For long-distance travel equipment, steel coils, concrete bulkers.
  • 3116 HL cowl - 31 Tonner powerful, reliable and most fuel-efficient.
  • 3118 HL cab - The highest carrying capacity of cargo.


  • 1618 TP - Ideal for hard terrain tipper.
  • 2518 TP - It makes it simpler to do quarrying and development work.
  • 2518 TP with BC Suspension - Best and economical tipper for heavy-duty work
  • 2518 TP Cowl - An ideal combination of versatility and efficiency.
  • 2523 TP Box Body - Suitable for all problems of off-road mounting.
  • 2523 TP Rock Body - Suitable for all applications of mining.
  • 2528 TP - For AMW Tippers, efficiency and competitiveness are becoming the simplest of both.
  • 3118 TP - Great tipper for all transportation activities.

Long haul/tractors

  • 3518 TR Cab - For any option for port transportation.
  • 4018 TR Cab - Best within the cross-country transportation category.
  • 4923 TR - The truck carrying the very best payload within the nation.

Special Purpose Trucks

  • 2516 TM - Optimum strength for the expansion of urban infrastructure.
  • 2518 TM - More strength, more efficiency, up to 7 cubic meters of drum size.
  • 3118 TM - It's simply the simplest in its class with the maximum payload capacity.
  • 2518 Batching Plant
  • 2518 Concrete Pump - Suitable for big construction projects; up to 36 meters of pumps.
  • 2518 Drill Rig
  • 3123 Concrete Pump - Pumps up to 42 meters of cement.

The factory of AMW

  • The vision of AMW is centered on three columns that convey world-class esteem, convey on schedule and upgrade enormous scale monetary preferred position. Bhuj, Gujarat’s coordinated generation office is made to expand all of the three.


  • Received Editor’s Choice Award for Iconic CV Product for its '2518 TP tipper' at the Apollo CV awards 2013 function held in Mumbai
  • AMW CV Application won the Truck Application Builder of The Year award at Apollo CV Awards held in Mumbai on 5 April 2011.
  • Awarded "CV Innovation of the Year" Award for 2010 from CV Magazine and Zee news.
  • Awarded CV of the Year 2008 award by NDTV Profit & Bike Awards
  • AMW R&D team won the first prize at Altair HTC 2012

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