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DVD Full Form - Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc

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 Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc

Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc

  • DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc.
  • It's commonly referred to as Digital Video Disc. It's a digital optical disc storage format used to store high capacity data like top quality videos and films.
  • It's also used to store operating system. It's invented and developed by 4 companies named Philips , Sony , Toshiba and Panasonic in 1995.
  • DVDs provide higher storage capacity than CDs ( compact disc) and may be played in multiple sorts of players like DVD players.

DVD Storage Capacity

  • On the idea of storage capacity, DVD is often divided in 4 types.
No. Type Storage capacity
1. Single-sided, Single layer 4.7 gb
2. Single-sided, Double layer 8.5 gb to 8.7 gb
3. Double-sided, Single layer 9.4 gb
4. Double-sided, Double layer 17.08 gb

Physical measurements of a DVD

  • A DVD comes in two dimensions.
    • 12 cm (120 mm) : It's the most common size and usually used for storing software, movies, and OS etc.
    • 8 cm (80 mm) : This size of DVDs is used for little devices like portable music player and video camera etc.
 Physical Measurements of a Dvd

Physical Measurements of a Dvd

Brief History

  • Initially, the DVD was developed as a substitute for VHS tapes, but soon they became popular as a data storage device.
  • In 1972, audio CD was developed as a medium of entertainment. In 1993, two video disc formats were being developed, the Multimedia compact disc (MMCD) and therefore the Super Density (SD) disc.
  • In 1997, DVD took over CD as a medium of entertainment and data storage. Twister was the first movie placed on DVD on 25 March, 1996.


  • On the idea of applications, a DVD is often categorized in several ways as described below:
    • DVD-ROM : It can only be used for reading and can't be written.
    • DVD-R : It is used to record any sort of data.
    • DVD-RW : It is read, written, erased and rewritten.
 Types of Dvd

Types of Dvd


  • Large storage capacity
  • Excellent sound and movie quality, so best choice to store videos and audios
  • Relatively cheap as they're mass-produced
  • Information is stored on each side of DVD unlike CD.

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