FIFA Full Form | What is the Full Form of FIFA

FIFA Full Form - Federation Internationale de Football Association

  • FIFA stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association" in French.
  • In English, it's referred to as International Federation of Association football.
 Full Form of FIFA

Full Form of FIFA

  • FIFA is a world administration that governs, manages and promotes soccer, futsal and beach soccer.
  • It's responsible for organizing all major football tournaments like Football World Cup ( FIFA World Cup ) and FIFA Women's World Cup.
  • Since 1930, it's organizing FIFA World Cup and since 1991, it's organizing Women's World Cup.
  • FIFA was founded on 21 May 1904; Belgium, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and Switzerland were the founding members of FIFA.
  • Its goal is that the constant improvement of football.

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  • It's headquartered in Zurich and is governed by Swiss law, 211 national associations are members of FIFA. As of July 2017, Gianni Infantino is that the president of FIFA.
  • FIFA also publishes a monthly magazine by the name of FIFA 1904. It's published as both a print edition and a free online version.
  • The magazine comprises 68-pages that contain in-depth interviews and stories associated with football from all over the world, but its main focus is on FIFA's projects and activities, events, competitions and member associations.
  • The print version is available for free to all or any confederations and member associations of FIFA.
  • The online version is out there for free of charge to all football fans on
  • Furthermore, FIFA has an independent ethics committer for investigating possible infringements of the FIFA Code of Ethics.
  • In 2012, it's divided into two separate chambers: the investigatory chamber and the adjudicatory chamber.
  • The Code of Ethics of FIFA provides the idea for all of the proceedings and decisions of the ethics panel.

Men's FIFA World Cup Winners

Year Winner
1930 Uruguay
1934 Italy
1938 Italy
1950 Uruguay
1954 West Germany
1958 Brazil
1962 Brazil
1966 England
1970 Brazil
1974 West Germany
1978 Argentina
1982 Italy
1986 Argentina
1990 West Germany
1994 Brazil
1998 France
2002 Brazil
2006 Italy
2010 Spain
2014 Germany
2018 France

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