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GPA Full Form - Grade Point Average

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 Grade Point Average

Grade Point Average

  • GPA stands for Grade Point Average
  • It refers to a grading system which is used to measure the performance of students in an academic session.
  • It's a numerical index that summarises the academic performance of the students in an academic year.
  • Different schools and other educational institutes measure GPA on different scales. Some measure it on a scale of 1 to five and a few measure it on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • This number represents the average value of the all final grades earned during a course over a selected period of your time.
  • It is additionally used by some organizations to measure the employability of a candidate; apart from performance within the interview the GPA in academics is also considered by these organizations.
  • No doubt, GPA are often used as a determinant factor to evaluate an applicant but it can't measure his or her efficiency.
  • Recent studies have found that there's no relation between the performance of an employee and his or her GPA.


  • Yale University historian George W.Pierson writes: "According to tradition the primary grades issued at Yale (and possibly the first in the country) were given out in the year 1785, when President Ezra Stiles, after examining 58 Seniors, recorded in his diary that there have been 'Twenty Optimi, sixteen second Optimi, twelve Inferiores (Boni), ten Pejores.
  • Bob Marlin argues that the concept of grading students' work quantitatively was developed by a teacher named William Farish and first implemented by the University of Cambridge in 1792.
  • That assertion has been questioned by Christopher Stray, who finds the evidence for Farish because the inventor of the numerical mark to be unpersuasive.
  • Stray's article also explains the complex relationship between the mode of examination (oral or written) and the varying philosophies of education these modes imply to both the teacher and the student.
  • As a technology, grading both shapes and reflects many fundamental areas of educational theory and practice.

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