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CITU Full Form - Centre of Indian Trade Union

 Centre of Indian Trade Union

Centre of Indian Trade Union

  • The full form of CITU is that the Centre of Indian Trade Unions. It's one among India’s main CTU (Central Trade Unions).
  • As their trade union wing, it's politically aligned with the Communist Party. It's a big presence within the state of Tripura in India and a good presence in Kerala & West Bengal.
  • It's a mean influence in Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh. In 2002, CITU had about 3,222,532 representatives, according to figures from the Ministry of Labor.
  • It represents employee’s in all business areas, including employees within the manufacturing and services sectors like steel, pharmaceuticals, coal, electricity, building, road, rail, and textiles then on.

Main objectives of CITU

  • CITU insists on socialism and operates with the conviction that by socializing all factors of production like distribution & exchange and creating a socialist state, exploitation of the labor are often prevented.
  • The key goal, therefore, is to fight against any interference into the economic & social rights of employees and to hunt to improve their rights and liberties.

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The CITU office bearers

  • Chairperson
  • Vice president
  • General secretary
  • Treasure
  • Secretaries

Various composition of CITU

  • The CITU comprises the following divisions:
    • The Affiliated Unions
    • The general council
    • The General Council or working Committee
    • The State Conference, The state councils and therefore the state committees
    • At the session of the CITU Conference, the delegates gathered together

Conference CITU

  • The CITU General Session takes place once every three years. It's recognized because the CITU Conference and is CITU’s primary law of authority. Below are a number of its roles or abilities
    • Adopting CITU policies and making required adjustments to them within the interests of the labor
    • Find the problems of state committees and constituent organizations and introduce resolutions on problems for the event of the labor.
    • Allows decisions concerning membership and disaffiliation of labor unions
    • Conducts a general council & office bearers election
    • The present Constitution could also be modified or changed if appropriate.
    • The verified statement of accounts is checked and accepted and decisions are made in compliance with the Constitution of the CITU.

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