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IB Full Form - Intelligence Bureau

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 Intelligence Bureau

Intelligence Bureau

  • IB stands for Intelligence Bureau. It's an intelligence agency of India that mainly deals with internal intelligence; handles threats inside the country.
  • It provides information about suspicious activities to other intelligence agencies and police in order that they will take necessary action to protect the country and its citizens from the interior or external threats.
  • It's also assigned the tasks related with counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.
  • IB was formed in 1887 to keep an eye fixed on Russian-troops deployed in Afghanistan. It's the oldest intelligence agency in India.
  • It had been re-crafted at the time of independence in 1947 by the govt of India.
  • The director of IB has always been an Indian Police Service officer; The currentIB director (as of January, 2017) is Rajiv Jain, a 1980 batch IPS officer from the Jharkhand Cadre.
  • The lifetime of an IB officer isn't easy. It's full of danger and sacrifices. IB can issue licenses of radio frequencies and tap a telephone line .
  • It also has an email spying system to monitor emails of terrorist organizations and other malicious groups.
  • There is also a subsidiary unit of the intelligence bureau which is understood as Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau.
  • It works at the state level and is headed by an officer of the rank of Joint Director or above.


  • In 1885, Major General Charles MacGregor was appointed staff officer for British Indian Army at Simla and thereby became liable for its intelligence activities.
  • The most concern of the time was to watch Russian troop deployments in Afghanistan so on avoid an invasion of British India from the northwest.
  • In 1909, The Indian Political Intelligence Office was established in England in response to the event of Indian revolutionary activities.
  • It came to be called Indian Political Intelligence (IPI) in 1921, constituting a surveillance and monitoring agency run jointly by the India Office and therefore the Government of India and maintaining close contact with Scotland Yard and MI5.
  • After Indian independence in 1947, IPI was renamed as the Intelligence Bureau under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Popular Ranks in Intelligence Bureau

  • Deputy Central Intelligence Officer
  • Director Intelligence Bureau
  • Joint Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Special Director/Secretary
  • Additional Director
  • Assistant Director

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