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ISO Full Form - International Organization for Standardization

 ISO Full Form

ISO Full Form

  • ISO is an independent, non-governmental, non-profitable, worldwide organization which develops and publishes international standards.
  • It provides a standard for products and Services. These standards are accepted worldwide and provide a surety that the products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.
  • ISO is the world's largest developer of voluntary international standards. Its headquarter is in Geneva in Switzerland and official languages are English, French and Russian.
  • There are 165 member countries around the world as its national standard bodies.

Note : According to ISO, "ISO" isn't an abbreviation. This is a word derived from Greek word isos, meaning equal.

What ISO does

  • ISO provides world-class specification for products, services and systems to ensure safety, quality and efficiency.
  • There are more than 19500 international standards published by ISO, which covers every industry, technology, food safety, agriculture and healthcare.


  • In 1946, delegates from 25 countries who met at the Institute of Civil Engineers in London decided to establish a world organization to facilitate the international coordination and unification of commercial standards.
  • In February 1947, ISO was founded and officially began its operations.
  • This is a list of popular standards of international organization:
 ISO Standards

ISO Standards

  • ISO 9000 : It's used for standardization of quality management.
  • ISO 10012 : It's used to measure management system.
  • ISO 14000 : It's used for standardization of environmental management.
  • ISO 19011 : It provides a guideline to audit management system.
  • ISO 2768-1 : It's used to provide a standard for general tolerance.
  • ISO 31000 : It's a standard for risk management.
  • ISO 50001 : It's a standard for energy management.
  • ISO 4217 : It's used for standardization of currency codes.

Advantages of ISO

  • Allows quick access of files contained within, as the file is mounted (as opposed to other similar formats where contents need to be extracted).
  • Gives deception of a virtual drive, and therefore might be used as a backward compatibility option for the application that requires a disc drive.
  • Most operating systems provide native support for ISO image files, therefore no utility is required for using this file format.

Disadvantages of ISO

  • The files inside an ISO image can be edited, but the whole ISO needs to be recompiled again which is time-consuming (as against other formats like ZIP, etc).
  • Performance may not be the most optimal, as the file format follows as optical drive structure which isn’t much efficient.
  • No significant error resilience or integrity preserving protocols are enforced in the format.

Applications of ISO

  • ISO image files are used in emulating a optical drives in video game Console emulators like RPCS3, PCSX2, Zenia, PPSSPP etc.
  • The format is used extensively for storing copies of Operating systems like Windows , linux , Disk operating system (DOS) etc.
  • Used by backup programs to create backup disks.

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