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PTO Full Form Leave | Full Form of PTO

i) PTO Full Form - Please Turn Over

  • PTO stands for Please Turn Over.
  • It's usually written at the lowest of a page to request the reader to show the page.
  • It's used to show that additional information is given on the other side or next page.
 Please Turn Over

Please Turn Over

  • For Example; You're writing a paper of science. On one page after writing the outline you would like to draw a diagram but you're left with only five lines below the outline where you can’t draw the entire diagram. So you'll write the PTO below the outline and draw you diagram on following page.
  • It tells the reader, it doesn't end with description on this page there's some more information on following page.

ii) PTO Full Form - Paid Time Off

 Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off

  • PTO stands for Paid Time Off. It's also called Personal Time Off.
  • It's a leave policy which compensates the worker even in his or her absence or when he or she is inactive.
  • In private sector, it's offered within the type of vacation time, leave and personal day.
  • Within the public sector, the govt. employees are offered annual leave which is like PTO.

Advantages and disadvantages of PTO

  • Using the PTO system can make administration easier, as employees don't need to define PTO requests as sick days, personal days, vacation days and other types of leave.
  • This might make it less likely for workers to use the sick number of days limited to the possibility of becoming ill for false claims or to feel that this point to time the policy is inappropriate if one isn't ill.
  • However, on the other hand, it can increase the probabilities of individuals coming to figure if they're sick, potentially infecting others with diseases like cold or flu if they wish to save their sick days on vacation or time with families.

Other Kinds of PTO Full forms

  • PTO - Pretty Tractor Operator
  • PTO - Please Turn Over
  • PTO - Please Turn Off
  • PTO - Power Test Operations
  • PTO - Participating Test Organizations
  • PTO - Public telephone operator

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