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WAP Full Form - Wireless Application Protocol

 Wireless Application Protocol

Wireless Application Protocol

  • Wireless Application Protocol may be an actual standard developed for wireless and handheld devices to provide internet access. A WAP browser may be a browser for mobile devices like mobile phones, uses this protocol.
  • WAP can work on multiple platforms a bit like the mixture of HTTP and HTML , except that it's designed specifically to work with low-memory, low-display and low bandwidth devices like mobile phones, pagers, Smartphone’s and communicators.
  • WAP also supports WML Script, a scripting language almost like JavaScript but makes minimal use of CPU resources and memory.

Layers of WAP Protocol

 Layers of Wap Protocol

Layers of Wap Protocol

Application Layer

  • Wireless Application Environment (WAE). This layer is of most interest to content developers because it contains among other things, device specifications, and therefore the content development programming languages, WML, and WMLScript.

Session Layer

  • Wireless Session Protocol (WSP). Unlike HTTP, WSP has been designed by the WAP Forum to provide fast connection suspension and reconnection.

Transaction Layer

  • Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP). The WTP runs on top of a datagram service, like User Datagram Protocol ( UDP ) and is a component of the quality suite of TCP/IP protocols used to provide a simplified protocol suitable for low bandwidth wireless stations.

Security Layer

  • Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS). WTLS incorporates security measures that are based upon the established Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol standard. It includes data integrity checks, privacy, service denial, and authentication services.

Transport Layer

  • Wireless Datagram Protocol (WDP). The WDP allows WAP to be bearer-independent by adapting the transport layer of the underlying bearer.
  • The WDP presents a uniform format to the upper layers of the WAP protocol stack, thereby offering the advantage of bearer independence to application developers.
  • Each of those layers provides a well-defined interface to the layer above it. This suggests that the interior workings of any layer are transparent or invisible to the layers above it.
  • The layered architecture allows other applications and services to use the features provided by the WAP-stack also. This makes it possible to use the WAP-stack for services and applications that currently aren't specified by WAP.

WAP Micro browser

  • A WAP Micro browser is meant to figure with low-memory, low-bandwidth and little screen devices.
  • It can display information written during a restricted mark-up language called WML whose full form is Wireless markup language.
  • WML is that the markup language designed specifically for Wireless Application Protocol.

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