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VS Full Form - Versus



  • In a number of areas the English language is possessed of a humiliation of riches, with multiple synonyms or abbreviations for a word. One such case is versus, which is usually written in a shortened form.
  • You’ll choose from VS, vs., and v. Take care, when writing the word call at full, that you simply distinguish between versus (a preposition meaning “against”) and verses (“lines of metrical writing”).

Examples of versus in a Sentence

  • Homeownership is critical to putting together wealth and a key reason for the vast difference in the value of white families, which was $171,000 in 2016, versus Black families who had a net worth of $17,150 according to Brookings Institution.
  • The situation is especially dire for ladies of color; the percentage for Black and Latina women in October was 9.2 percent and 9 percent respectively, versus 5.8 percent for white men.

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