DP Full Form | Full Form of DP in Whatsapp

DP Full Form - Display Picture

Display Picture

  • DP stands for Display Picture.
  • It represents a photograph which is usually used to upload on a social networking site like Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr etc.
  • Display picture are often defined as: "A highlighted picture of one person on social media or other internet chat profile to represent his visual identity." It's also called profile picture, but because it doesn't portray your profile, most of the people like better to call it a Display Picture (DP).
  • You can also crop, change contrast and brightness, change the display picture's background etc.

The Use of Name Display Picture (DP)

  • The name DP used in many sectors, and there's no got to what’s the meaning of DP full form. But the platform of social media is usually known in any sector, either he's a businessman, students, or the other professional.
  • Instead, the various persons known DP full form as sort of a Desktop Picture, but it had been wrong.
  • Firstly, on Facebook, the profile picture name used as commonly, but later the DP was a viral word.
  • These three factors considered vital within the use of DP because it's essential to spot a person’s name and other information.
  • As per the given example, the person names a widespread factor as we were known for easily recognizes. But the name is often the same for two or more persons, so it had been quite challenging to recognize it.
  • In case the person ID is exclusive, then it'll make it possible for the users to spot if we all know his ID or name.
  • This condition is hardly possible because this process only applied to the person who we all know.
  • Although we upload a correct picture or image, meaning Display Picture is straightforward for us to spot a person’s profile.
  • The prominent advantage of the display picture that we receive any message from Unknown Number.

DP Full Form - Data Processing

Data Processing

  • Data Processing is a technique that uses computer software to arrange and manipulate data, usually great deal of numeric data.
  • It's also used to manage, analyze, calculate, process and store data.
  • In simple words, it's the conversion of data to meaningful information through a process that involves computer systems, software, etc.
  • Generally, organizations use computer systems and software to perform a series of operations to get information by processing data.
  • The informative output is presented within the kind of diagrams, reports and graphics etc.
  • There's an outsized number of software available within the market to process the data. A number of them are: MS Word, power point, MS Excel etc.

Data processing includes some processes like


  • This process ensures that supplied data is clean, correct and useful.


  • It's used to arrange items in some sequence ascending or descending.


  • It's used to reduce detail data to its details.


  • It's used to combine multiple pieces of data.


  • It makes use of specialized and highly accurate algorithms and statistical calculation.


  • It's used to separate data in various categories.

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