SSB Full Form in Army | What is the full Form of SSB

SSB Full Form - Service Selection Board

  • Full Form of SSB stands for Service Selection Board. It’s created by the Defense Ministry of India to conduct the interview for recruiting officers in Indian soldiers.
  • It’s designed to test "officer like qualities" in the candidates.
  • The key traits of candidates that are assessed in SSB interview are personality, intelligence, compatibility and potential.
  • The interview gives more emphasis to mental fitness than fitness but a particular level of physical fitness is certainly required to clear the interview. So, if you wish to become an officer in the Army, Navy or Air force, you've got to look for the SSB interview after clearing the written examination.
 Service Selection Board

Service Selection Board

Eligibility for SSB

  • The candidate shouldn't be married.
  • The candidate must clear the Combined Defense Services Examination conducted by UPSC

Duration and Procedure of SSB

  • Full Form of SSB interview is a five-day personality and IQ test. It comprises different tests which are conducted on different days.
  • After you clear this interview, you've got to look for the medical checkup.

The schedule of the tests is as follows:

 The schedule of the tests

The schedule of the tests

  • Day 1 : Basic Intelligence Tests/Screening Tests.
  • Day 2 : Psychology Tests.
  • Day 3 & 4 : Group Testing Officers (GTO) tasks.
  • Day 5 : Conference

Interesting Facts about SSB Interview

  • One in all the popular and toughest interviews in India.
  • One in all the longest interviews that usually lasts for five days.
  • It gives a feeling of undergoing a personality test.
  • It gives emphasis on OLQs (Officer like qualities) in the candidate.
  • SSB interview pass rate is very low.
  • It's conducted by a panel of officers in Indian Armed Forces

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