LMAO Full Form in Chat | What is the full form of LMAO

LMAO Full Form - Laughing My A** Off

 Laughing My a Off

Laughing My a Off

  • LMAO is an internet slang generally used by youngsters in internet chatting.
  • This word is used when a person finds something extremely funny.
  • There also are some slang words which are used instead of this like LOL , ROFL etc.
  • These slang words are very popular on social networking sites like Facebook , Twitter etc. It's very difficult for a new person to find out the meaning of these slang words.
  • These are abbreviations and sometimes may be vulgar. LMAO is very versatile slang. It can be used to express a lot of different things. So, it's advised to use these slang words very carefully.

Where to use LMAO

  • LMAO is generally used in chatting on internet.
  • When individuals find something extremely funny and can't stop his laughter, he generally expresses his feeling with "LMAO".
  • He writes LMAO because he has no other choice to show his laughter.

For Example : Assume, two persons are chatting on internet.

First Person: Hi...
Second Person: Hello...
First Person: How are you?
Second Person: I am fine. And You?
First Person: Me too.
Chat goes on......
First Person: What about this ?  (And the First person sends a funny image)
Second Person: LMAO

Other abbreviations of LMAO are,

  • Land Mail art object
  • Let's Make Another Offer
  • Laughing My A** Off
  • Leave Me Alone Okay
  • Laughing My All Out
  • Lick Me all over
  • Love My apple orchard
  • Low Mall Area Off
  • Let Me Ask Obama
  • Laughing My Ankles Off
  • Laughing My Anxiety Off

Synonyms of LMAO are,

  • That's funny how
  • It's hilarious
  • LMBO (laughing my butt off)
  • It was side-splitting
  • It was priceless
  • It was humorous
  • It was comical
  • LOL (laugh - out - loud)
  • It was amusing
  • It made me laugh
  • It had me dying of laughter
  • LML (laughing mad aloud)
  • It's funny how

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