NSDL Full Form | Full Form of NSDL

NSDL Full Form - National Securities Depository Limited

  • NSDL stands for National Securities Depository Limited.
  • It's securities depository in India which holds the securities of investors like shares, bonds and debentures in electronic format.
  • It's the first and largest central securities depository in India that was established to map out the problems related to the paper-based settlement of securities like bad delivery and delayed transfer of title.
  • It enabled the investors to transfer the ownership of securities through simple account transfer without involving in paperwork. It's headquartered in Mumbai, India.
 National Securities Depository Limited

National Securities Depository Limited


  • NSDL is promoted by Industrial Development Bank of India Limited ( IDBI ), unit trust of India (UTI) and National stock exchange of India limited (NSE).

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Role of NSDL

  • NSDL aims to use innovative technology systems to support investors and brokers within the capital market of India.
  • It aims to make sure safety and reliability within the capital market of India by developing effective settlement solutions.
  • It aims to increase efficiency by minimizing risk and reducing cost within the Indian marketplace.
  • It develops products and services to satisfy the growing needs of financial services industry.

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